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Are you looking to make more affiliate sales while educating, entertaining, and engaging your customers while building your email list?

In 2020 people are looking to boost their small and online businesses. And they are leaving a LOT of money on the table by trying to run their businesses from a Facebook Page, without building a list, and by using graphics that were bad even in the 1990's.

In this report, '3 Free Tools That Will Boost Your Business in 2020' I'll provide you a way to help people fix all 3 problems listed in the above paragraph. And for YOU to INCREASE your chances of making more monthly recurring affiliate sales!

#1: Teach them how to build their website

WordPress is the BEST solution for newbies when it comes to creating their first website. You'll be able to get them started and then be able to promote WordPress-related affiliate offers to them for years to come.

#2: Teach them how to build an email list

There are a ton of options out there when choosing an email autoresponder service. However, very few offer a free version that's also tied to an excellent affiliate program. The service this report recommends is both excellent and a good affiliate promotion.

#3: Teach them how to create graphics that don't suck

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet people keep using crappy graphics and wonder why no one spends any time browsing their website. You'll show them an online service that won't cause their brains to 'vapor-lock' (like it does when they try and learn Photoshop) and has a 'free version' that can eventually turn into a recurring affiliate commission for you.

Here Are the Five (5) Modules You Get When You Purchase Today...

Module #1:
'3 Free Tools That Will Boost Your Business in 2020' - Full Report

This 883-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics (with affiliate marketing opportunities):

- Boost your website with
- Boost your customer list with
- Boost your brand image with
- A Final Word about these 3 Free Tools

Module #2:
A Cheat-Sheet to Recurring Affiliate Offers

This cheat-sheet will give you the info and links you need to signup for the offers that this report promotes so that you can add your own affiliate links and start (or continue) making those recurring affiliate commissions (month after month).

Module #3:
Top-Notch eBook Cover Graphics (in 4 distinct colors)

I've created a high-quality report cover that you can use to brand your version of this report. I've provide 4 different colors (blue, beige, red, and green) as well as 3 different sizes of each color.

Module #4:
Free Software and Training to Brand Your Report Covers

I've made a video of how you can easily re-brand the report covers included with this report. And I'll even let you use my free graphics software to easily do so.

Module #5:
A Fully-Explained List of Your PLR Usage Rights

There is nothing worse than getting a list of PLR rights you don't understand. I've taken the time to FULLY EXPLAIN how you can use all the content you are buying today so there are NO QUESTIONS as to what you MAY and MAY NOT do with it.

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