Our dreams are what keep our hopes alive. And in all the things that you do, you must always be moving forward in order to keep from getting stuck. I think while people in this world tend to take the ‘path of least resistance,' I've always been one to make it harder than it needs to be.

Who is Steve Chase?

I was born and raised in Chicago (North Side) which makes me a Chicago Cubs fan. I still remember going to my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field at the age of 6. It was an amazing time, simpler, and with so much wonder.

I'm also a Chicago Bears fan (NFL) and if you know anything about professional American football you know that the Bears have the ‘Super Bowl Shuffle' from 1985 and not much anything else since then.

Up until the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, the professional sports landscape in Chicago for me was pretty bleak. But times change, and even a broken clock is right 2 times a day, so the Cubs eventually won and the Bears continue to hope.

Things I've Done

I've held many jobs, many careers, and have had many life-changing moments in my 50+ years.

I'm no hero, but neither am I a scoundrel.

I'm just a guy who has seen a lot, done a lot, and now has a lot of stories to share.

Some jobs/careers I've had since the early days:

  • Started my work resume as a busboy in a mexican restaurant that no longer exists. It was called Casa Lupita and I can still remember the ‘Birthday Song' we had to sing for people when they were celebrating it at our restaurant.
  • Worked at Taco Bell the summer (1984) they introduced the ‘Mexican Pizza' which, sad to say, is no longer available for purchase.
  • I was a controls engineer at a Japanese-owned tech company called ‘KAO Infosystems' which was located in Plymouth, MA, and it was a fully-automated facility that made 3.5″ floppy diskettes (which now feels like a very retro thing to have done).
  • I was a technical instructor for another Japanese company (Omron) and I taught people all about our factory automation products and how to use them. They were called PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and they were the ‘brains' of many automated factory processes.
  • Then I left all that and became an actor. Moved to New York to study acting and then for over 5 years I made my living as a professional actor. And no, there was nothing really big that I did that you might have ‘seen me in.' I did a LOT of theatre and smaller commercial films, but nothing I can show-off to my friends.

Then, as with all things, I ‘met a girl' and my life changed forever. We started a business together. It was (is) a party business that we've done now for over 20 years. Tents, tables, chairs, weddings, lawn signs, entertainers, and a whole lot more. It's been an interesting ride, being a small business owner. Some would call it the American Dream, while most days I think that our government punishes the small business owner in many financial ways.

So much so that I took a job working as a driver for FedEx Express in order to get insurance and some extra income during some lean years in our business after the financial crash of 2008.

There's been other jobs in there along the way. I used to do a lot of desktop publishing work, and actually had a stint as a contractor for the graphic services department at McDonald's at the corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, IL. What did I do there? Well, actually, I spent many hours every week using Photoshop to clean up photos of McDonald's restaurants all over the world. Removing things (like dumpsters and power lines) that apparently didn't need to be seen by the general public when viewing those photos. Hey, it was a job.

My Online Journey for Income and Happiness

I can't remember when I first started thinking about trying to make an income online. It was probably tied to when my daughter Olivia was born. The doctors at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL screwed up and Olivia suffered immense brain damage at birth (due to loss of oxygen to her brain) and she spent her first 69 days on this planet in the NICU. Because of this initial trauma, she is completely disabled and deals with cerebral palsy, seizures, and many other health issues all tracing back to the medical failures and negligence at the time of her birth.

I was working as a driver for FedEx Express at the time, and one of my pickup stops was at a FedEx Office where I was usually early and had a little time to wait before my pickups for the day were ready. And they had some business books there that I would pick up and skim. And one of the books was by Joel Comm called “KaChing,” which spoke all about making an online income.
I suppose I can blame Joel Comm for my initial interest in making an income online. Reading that book made it seem that I could find ways to earn a living (and more) by working ‘smarter and NOT harder.' So let's blame Joel.

That was in 2012, and over the next year I slowly started learning more about this ‘online marketing' thing. I think it was in October of 2013 when I first started purchasing products online in order to learn more about how to earn online.

That first product was one called ‘First List Profits' by Liz Tomey (who has become a very good friend of mine) and dealt with learning how to build a list of email subscribers that you can then market to and try to earn commissions from by recommending affiliate products and you can also create your own products (informational products, or info products) and sell them directly to your email list.

The irony of online marketing, or ‘internet marketing' (which is usually shortened to IM), is that there are a few golden rules to follow and that's all you really need to do. But most marketers will continue to try and find the ‘easy button' or the ‘magic bullet' or whatever as they search for the magic way to get people to click and then earn them money.

It doesn't exist.

If you look at online marketing with a very broad lens, you see that it's just 3 steps:

1) Create an offer (your own or somebody else's that you can be an affiliate for)
2) Drive traffic to it (from your blog, using paid ads, or even post cards mailed via snail mail)
3) Maximize conversions (here you look at how many people are viewing your offer versus those who are buying and then work on improving this percentage)

3 words to the whole darn thing. Offers, Traffic, Conversions.

And you'll see 100 people selling you a product that will show you how to do this. And that's the irony. They are ALL based on the same 3 steps, 3 concepts. The way to make it work for you is to find the method that resonates with you the best.

There are many ways to create an offer.

There are unlimited options when it comes to traffic.

And there are many tried and true techniques to take an offer (sales page) and ‘tweak' it so that people are more likely to click the buy button, purchase it, and then put some money in your pocket (as the product owner or affiliate).

And that's where the journey of online marketing and ‘learning how to earn online' begins.

The Next Step

In this blog I will be sharing with you my journey, my successes, my failures (no secrets) and most importantly, my story.

Don't ignore the importance of a good story. Some people have dubbed it ‘story marketing' and it's basically using stories to get people down the path of your marketing funnel (or customer journey) to go from ‘freebie seekers' to ‘buyers.'

You want people to become buyers, either of your products or of other products that you are promoting (as an affiliate).

That is basically online marketing, or internet marketing, in a nutshell.

And on this blog you will find ways and techniques and insight into all of this stuff.

As well as some no-nonsense advice and tutorials on how to do all of it.

My goal is to share my stories and to help anyone who is willing to be helped achieve their dreams of financial freedom.

I'm glad to see you here on my website, and if you are reading this right now, kudos to you. I appreciate your interest and dedication.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you on a regular basis.


Best regards,

Steve & Olivia Chase



Currently, if you were to ask me to recommend one piece of information that could help you get started and progress from being an online marketing newbie to achieving tangible success as an online marketer, this is it. Attend the training and be sure to take some notes.

While there is an offer being made at the end of the presentation (as there always is and should be), if you do nothing else but watch the video in its entirety, you'll have a better understanding of this entire journey and will be better for having watched it.

Good luck!