How to Ethically Use Other People's Research to Create Your Own Original Content

The most important thing you can do in your online business is to create content that other people want to consume by either watching (video), listening (audio) or reading (text).

By being a source of relevant and up-to-date information, you will get people to trust you as a valuable source of information, and they will keep coming back to you, your blog, and eventually the products you are selling, thus making your online business a success.

Over the past week I've noticed a couple of high-quality PLR (Private Labels Rights) creators launch products. One creator had 2 launches, each one was for a simple 5-page lead magnet report, they made a limited amount of copies available (50), sold them for $10/each, and sold both out on the day they launched them, making $500 per launch, for a total of $1000 in sales for basically 2 reports of less than 5000-words of total content.

How awesome is that? That's simple and direct sales to their own list (I don't believe they used affiliates to sell the reports, just promoted to their list). How would like to be in their shoes right now?

The second PLR creator launched a 10-pack of articles but had no limit on the number of sales, so I can't tell how much they sold so far, but they have historically done well with their article sales so I've no doubt they will sell at least 100 copies of their current product.

Creating your own content is KEY to making money online

And not just by writing articles. Creating videos, creating podcasts, and creating emails (to name a few things) are ALL about creating content.

Get it through your head right now that there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘push-button solution' to having a successful online business. You must put in the work, and creating content that will engage, entertain and educate people (your current and future customers) is your key to success.

PLR Content (While Convenient) Can Limit Your Success

PLR content seems like the best thing in the world, but in reality there still are limits to what you can do with it. For example, the rights provided to the 2 PLR lead magnet articles from the above PLR seller had these limitations on the content:

1. Don't use my name on it.

2. Don't pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can't resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

What does this mean? Well it means that you can't buy the PLR, create a product, and then sell that product to others so that they can use it to create their own product(s). Basically, the only thing your buyers can do it ‘consume' the content. The only ‘rights' you can pass on to your customers is the ability to ‘read it.' You customers can ONLY read it, they can't do anything else with the content.

Now that may be enough for you, but I know for many of you, you are looking to help other people build their businesses. In the past I've created videos from PLR content that I sold to people to allow them to promote affiliate products, and that was great. But if my buyers wanted to then take those videos and sell access to them to others, or basically create their own products using my videos, I couldn't give them that right. Why? Because of the original rights of the PLR I used to create the videos.

And that's the problem with PLR.

While it's convenient, it can still keep you limited as to what you can do with the content you create with it, even if you take it and change the format (e.g. converting an article into a video).

How to Ethically Use Other People's Research to Create Your Own Original Content

I have a solution for you for this, but it involves a little work and creativity on your part. But if you are willing to put in the work, you will be so much more successful and have so much more content that you have absolutely ALL the rights to so you can do whatever you need to do with the content to bring success to your business.

You will be in complete charge of your content and the possibilities will be endless.

Want to know how to achieve all this?

The video below will spill all my secrets of ‘How to Ethically Use Other People's Research to Create Your Own Original Content'.


I'd love to hear what you think of this video. Please leave a comment below!

Steve Chase
Steve Chase

A lifelong entrepreneur, Steve has dedicated his life to being creative, finding new ways to create income streams, and providing for his family. As in all other things, the road less taken is always more challenging, but when it's done successfully, it is always far more fulfilling.

    6 replies to "How to Ethically Use Other People’s Research to Create Your Own Original Content"

    • Darryl SMITH

      Great video Steve, I grabbed Tiffs first report and as you say, it was a good one.
      Would you say that selling PLR similar to this would be a great foot in the door as a product creator?
      Article packs of 10 topical issues, charge $10 with unlimited sales seems a very easy to do model.
      Build that list and keep sending out to that list each month?

      • Steve Chase

        Hi Darryl,

        Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the video.
        There’s 2 ways of viewing product creation, the long game and the short game.
        Creating ANY kind of content that’s original gives you a very powerful tool in creating both your list and your business.
        The short game approach is creating some PLR content, a simple sales page, maybe incorporating a twist (like Tiff’s limited copies) and then listing it on Warrior Plus and/or JVZoo.
        Affiliates are always looking for PLR to promote, so you might find some people willing to promote your product just by creating PLR and listing it for sale.
        The long game approach is creating your PLR content, but really creating a ‘full package’ (not unlike what you see others launching on both platforms), and then actively seeking affiliates by setting up a ‘launch day’ on Muncheye and promoting it to affiliates before actually launching the product.
        Either way will help build your business, but the short game is a good way to get your feet wet and start getting in the habit of creating PLR content, creating a sales page, and then just ‘putting it out there.’
        And yes, either way, once you build a list, as long as the new content is something your list ‘wants’, then by all means, keep creating and promoting your new content.
        Eventually you should (fingers crossed) cross a point where people will come seeking more content from you, affiliates will WANT to promote your upcoming products, and the whole process takes on a life of its own.
        But to start, think short game, small products that you create and list where people can find them.
        Hope this helps!

        • Darryl Smith

          Thanks Steve, that helps a lot.
          Thanks for the pointers and I hope you achieve your goals here on your new blog!

    • khaled Al amer

      Hi Steve
      I am little confused here If I want to buy some PLR articles (Aruns articles for example) and convert them to videos with Vidnami or any other software with an intro _ outro and a water then upload them to Youtube promoting related product in the description of the video do I need a permission from Arun to do that??

      • Steve Chase

        Hi Khaled,
        Nice to hear from you.
        To answer your question, no. If you buy PLR like that from Arun, making them into videos and using them for YOUR business is no problem.
        However, after you make the videos, say you wanted to make some extra money and sell them to other people so they could use them for their business as well.
        You could NOT do that.
        Unless the PLR seller gives you the ‘resell rights for the PLR’, once you create your own content from the PLR you bought, if you sell your creation to someone else, the only thing you buyers can do is ‘read it’ or ‘listen to it’ or ‘watch it’. They could NOT: post it on YouTube, put it on their website, etc.
        Now sometimes PLR sellers will offer ‘resell PLR rights’, but at a higher cost.
        And many other PLR sellers, like Tiffany, almost NEVER offer ‘resell PLR rights’, so the best you can do with her PLR is create something and use it for your own business. Because, again, the only rights you can pass on to your buyers with Tiffany’s PLR is ‘read only rights’.
        I hope this clarifies your confusion.

    • khaled Al amer

      Thank you Steve that was helpful clear answer I now understand what can and cannot do with PLR. Grateful to you. Thanks

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